The Pacific Northwest is a place that lives in your soul. The Beauty of the landscape together with the adventure of its wild west reputation has attracted people for over a century. People of all walks of life have sought out the Pacific Northwest as a place to visit, explore, grow and live. 

The PNW has brought jobs and a way of life to a wide variety of people from its early days of farming and Remote Logging Camps to the high paced world of technology. Amongst the Burly Beards of the and rough hands of the trades work; Musicians, Artists, and Theater have flourished in the PNW.

People of the PNW have come from all over the world and show a deep love of our country, our land and respect for one another. Some of us have been here for Centuries, some for generations and some for days, but once the love and beauty of the PNW is in your soul it is the thread that ties us all together.  The PNW Coffee Co is a place where we cherish all that is the PNW and the communities within.

PNW Coffee Co, 

Explore - Grow - Live

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