Core Values

Quality life through personal connections
  • Connecting Communities by supporting small businesses and Giving back locally
  • Connecting Customers with Quality Service, Products and Relationships
  • Connecting our Team with positive interactions and opportunities for growth
  • Connecting our Business with amazing people to meet and places explore

About Connie

I was raised in Montesano WA, a small town west of Olympia. I was raised with a deep love of the woods and all things outdoors in the PNW. My family has been in Washington since before it was admitted to the united states. It was said when my grandfather moved out here his mothered cried and begged him not to go for fear he would venture out and be lost in the Wilds of the Land or killed by the Wild Men who lived here. I spend as much time as possible within the outdoors of the PNW either Hunting, Hiking, Clam Digging or exploring anywhere WIFI cannot be found. As the daughter of a long line of loggers and a small girl, the idea of Moving to the “big city” was a scary prospect, however, I had a grandmother who instilled a love of the arts and all the beauty a city had to offer, so the adventurous side of me couldn’t resist the idea of exploring a different life. I got my first job in the coffee industry in 1996 and fell in love with the people and the world of coffee. I have done many jobs but have always stayed in the coffee world in one way or another. Coffee was always my favorite career and how I met my husband so having a business that allowed me to share my love of coffee, people, and the PNW is the perfect life for me. How long have you been in the coffee industry:  Over 20 years Memory to share of the PNW: Watching the last trainload of logs leave Grisdale logging Camp, the sense of the committee that came from the people who had ties to the camp is something that cannot be forgotten. Favorite Place in the PNW: Anywhere in the woods, the forests in PNW are amazing each one different and beautiful in its own way. Favorite Drink:  A great cup of drip coffee, nothing like a hot cup of coffee on a cold foggy fall morning. Interesting Fact: I’ve been married to my favorite customer for 20 years

About Jenniffer

I was raised in Olympia, Wa and graduated from North Thurston High School.  I am a PNW girl at heart!  When I travel I miss the green trees, mountains, and even the rain.  It makes me laugh when I am in other places and people point out their mountains and I correct them and say, “you mean hills?”  Nothing compares to Mt. Rainier.  My family ended up here for jobs.  My grandpa Randel cam to work in business real estate.  My grandpa Pearce came here as a Boeing Engineer.  My dad was a commercial fisherman so I grew up on the waters of Puget Sound.  Boating, fishing, watching sea cucumbers turn themselves inside out and eating geoduck are memories I have from being a fisherman’s daughter.  While I did not follow in my dad’s footsteps of being a fisherwoman, I am following in his footsteps of being a small business owner. How long have you been in the coffee industry:   Two years. Connie sparked my interest and I am learning all I can, as fast as I can. Memory to share of the PNW:   I remember very vividly the day Mt. St. Helen’s blew. The huge plume and the days of ash coming down like snow afterward. Favorite place in the PNW:   At a quiet lake, floating on my large rubber duckie! Favorite drink:   A peach, black iced tea! The first time I had one it reminded me of a peach jolly rancher. Since jolly rancher is someone else’s name, I call it a Peach Happy Farmer. Interesting Fact:   I am also a 4th-grade teacher in the Kent School District. I have been teaching for 16 years!

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